How long can HAPPY SMITH product be kept?

  For cookies - it is best to consumed within the first 7 days.

  For other products - kindly refer to the expiry date printed on the packaging.

Where is HAPPY SMITH from?

  HAPPY SMITH is born out of Singapore, but its ingredients are sourced as per traditions, largely from local and China.

Is HAPPY SMITH suitable for Vegans?

◦  Most of our products are suitable for Vegans. Kindly refer to individual product description and look for Vegans icon.

Is HAPPY SMITH Halal certified?

  No, at the moment HAPPY SMITH does not have Halal certification.

Are there artificial flavourings or colourings in HAPPY SMITH's ingredients?

  Absolutely not! HAPPY SMITH prides itself on delivering taste as nature intended. Non of our blends have had a flavour boost and there are zero colourings and preservatives added.

Is HAPPY SMITH organic?

◦  Some products. Not all of our products are organic at the moment. We are working on it! Kindly refer to individual product description and look for Organic icon

Is HAPPY SMITH suitable for children?

◦  HAPPY SMITH is suitable for most children. However, always check with your health professional first as every child has differing conditions and states of health.  

Is HAPPY SMITH suitable for pregnant ladies?

◦  In general, our product are suitable for pregnant ladies. We advise all pregnant ladies to check with their health professionals first.

What is HAPPY SMITH's shelf life?

◦  Because HAPPY SMITH contains ZERO preservatives, we recommend early consumption from the point of purchase! Get those goodness in early!

How should I store HAPPY SMITH?

◦  Please store HAPPY SMITH in a cool and dark place. As Singapore is a humid country, kindly keep HAPPY SMITH in tight capped containers. Best to be kept using HAPPY SMITH glass jars.

Where can I buy HAPPY SMITH?

◦  HAPPY SMITH is available on our website at www.happysmith.sg 

I am a retailer, can I buy HAPPY SMITH wholesale?

  Absolutely! Please leave us a message with a brief introduction and and we will get in touch with you! Contact us here.




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